Altus Capital invests 30 million rubles to the crowdlending platform «Smally»

December 30, 2020: the international investment group Altus Capital, represented by its Managing Partner Dmitry Klenov, acquired a stake in Smartinvest, the operator of the crowdlending platform for financing public procurements Smally.

The Smally project was launched in 2019 and specializes in lending for the government contracts execution under Federal Law. On the platform, borrowers (mostly, representatives of small businesses) can attract financing from investors within one day at rates from 19% to 25% per annum for up to 4 months in the amount of up to 10 million rubles. The platform earns a commission on the amount of funds funded at the time of loan return thereby sharing the risks with the investor - one of the key features of this platform.

Smally's target market segment (low-value government purchases (under supply agreements) among small and medium-sized businesses) exceeds 1 trillion rubles and will show stable growth regardless of the macroeconomic situation.

Since the platform was launched, more than 1,000 investors have been registered and over 700 loans, worth more than 200 million rubles, have been financed in the absence of defaults on the part of borrowers This fact confirms the opinion of experts who believe that Smally has one of the most advanced quality assessment systems today.

"Smally is an excellent practical case for the implementation of an innovative service that provides direct interaction between creators and investors," says Dmitry Klenov, Managing Partner at Altus Capital. "For us, the platform's potential consists not only in the growth of the crowdlending market and the development of alternative investment instruments in Russia, but also in the ability to support small and medium-sized businesses, as well as entrepreneurial initiatives in the country."

At the moment, Smally is one of the 3 largest crowdlending platforms in the Russian market in terms of the number of loans issued per month, and the volume of financing on the platform has grown more than 50 times over the year.

The funds for the round will be used to visually refine the platform, launch new product solutions for investors and borrowers, expand the team and market the service to a wide audience of potential clients.

About Altus Capital

Altus Capital is an independent investment and consulting group focusing on direct investments in fast-growing and underestimated companies. Its investment strategy is characterized by high sector-wise diversification, clear exit strategy and medium term investment horizon (from 1 year to 5 years). The company is focused on projects from Russia and CIS countries, but does not limit the geography of its investments.