Sistema SmarTech invests in temporary staff recruitment platform MyGig

Sistema SmartTech, a venture fund of AFK Sistema, invested 50 million rubles in MyGig Invest Ltd (hereinafter referred to as «MyGig» or the «Company»), a developer of a platform for finding one-time or regular part-time jobs. Sistema SmartTech became a lead investor in a round of financing 120 million rubles, which was also attended by Altus Capital and the shareholders of the Brayne family office. MyGig plans to use the raised funds for the development of the platform and geographical expansion.

MyGig helps companies quickly find temporary employees during busy hours or high season. In turn, temporary employees, thanks to the platform, get the opportunity to perform part-time work with a flexible schedule, close to home and have official earnings. Only self-employed citizens can fulfill applications on the platform. At the same time, MyGig proactively participates in the closing of recruitment applications, undertakes the verification of temporary employees, the entire workflow and payments.

170 000 people are registered on the MyGig platform, and its clients are large network companies of the consumer sector, restaurants, delivery services, for example, Azbuka Vkusa, Magnit, X5, Lenta, Hoff, DoDo Pizza, Scooter and others.
With the help of the platform, customers attract temporary employees of various mass professions: employees of the trading floor, couriers, movers, kitchen workers, sellers, pickers, etc. MyGig is represented in 15 regions of Russia. In 2022, it is planned to enter new Russian regions and foreign markets.

MyGig's revenue is based on the commission for each hour of the contractor's part-time work, which is paid by the customer. In the future, based on the MyGig platform, it is planned to create the largest part-time marketplace in Russia, where customers and employees will close vacancies themselves, without the Company's participation in the selection of employees.

«In the markets of many countries, especially developed ones, the share of people with higher education is growing, but there is an acute shortage of blue-collar workers. At the same time, an increasing number of people in the world call finding a balance between work and personal life among their priorities. The natural reaction to these issues is the emergence of a gig economy in which more and more people prefer part-time employment. In Russia, the gig economy is also gaining strength, including simplification the registration and taxation of the self-employed. We are pleased to invest in MyGig – the fastest growing platform in the Russian temporary employee search market – with an average monthly revenue growth of almost 60% in 2021», said Artem Sirazutdinov, Chairman of the Sistema SmartTech Fund Investment Committee.

«We have been actively analyzing the HR Tech market — according to our calculations, it will exceed 100 billion rubles within 5 years. In the world and in Russia in particular, there is an acute shortage of line staff, which is especially pronounced in the segments of the hotel and restaurant business and work with everyday goods. Taking into account the increased competition for personnel, employers need to apply new and technological methods for recruitment. In this regard, we believe that the availability of digital services will improve business efficiency and create new, more comfortable conditions for employees», says Ksenia Shoigu, Managing Partner of Sistema SmartTech.

«We see great prospects for MyGig, as the part-time job market is just beginning to take shape, already demonstrating a large capacity and potential for rapid growth. MyGig services are in demand by both customers and users because the solution is easy and convenient to use. The platform is becoming a flexible solution in the search for temporary staff for companies and an additional income tool for those who are looking for a part-time job in today's changing world that requires greater flexibility and freedom of movement and decision-making. It is also important for us that MyGig helps all involved parties to systematize and properly formalize relationships with each other, bringing greater transparency to the part-time job market. We are glad to be a part of this transformation», adds Partner, Managing Director of Altus Capital Sergey Vasiliev.

«The number of self-employed in Russia has reached 3.5 million people, which is twice as much as at the beginning of 2021. In total, the self-employed have already declared 745 billion rubles of income. Digitalization of the part-time job market will lead to the gradual displacement of traditional players in favor of more flexible and modern tools. The founders of the MyGig project gathered a strong team and put a lot of effort into creating and promoting their platform. We see a high demand for the company's services from customers and are confident that the team has everything necessary to create the number one player in its sector», said Ilya Partin, investment director of the Brayne family office.


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