Altus Capital
Altus Capital is an international independent investment and consulting company
Altus Capital specializes in direct investment in fast-growing and undervalued companies. The interests of the company are not limited to any investment sector or geographical region. Altus Capital has expertise in 20 industries.

Altus Capital advises clients on attracting equity and debt financing, supporting M&A transactions, and also helps to implement tasks of any complexity related to the capital structure and direct investments.
We identify promising businesses in Russia and Europe, including large companies with exciting investment opportunities or potential temporary difficulties
Areas of activity of Altus Capital
We work out the structure of the deal and help portfolio companies achieve maximum performance
We exit the project when the target profitability is reached
Through our extensive research we identify undervalued companies with a strong potential for venture investments at an early stage
Venture investment
We invest in technological startups in the field of cloud computing, software development, artificial intelligence
We conduct comprehensive analysis and due diligence and evaluation of investment projects
Investment Banking
Prepare detailed information packs for investors (strategy, financial models, business plan) and support clients with their transactions (M&A, private equity, corporate restructuring)
Direct investment
Once the full potential of the project has been achieved we exit the strategic to obtain maximum potential growth
We search for and attract investors to a project and select objects for investment
We organize financing (debt, mixed, exchange, project, trading, etc.)
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